River Plate ?-? LDU de Quito

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Wednesday, 21 october 2020 21:00
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06 May 06:00 start the match River Plate-LDU de Quito. You can compare both teams here: H2H River Plate LDU de Quito. River Plate last game draw with Sao Paulo.

LDU de Quito last game draw with Binacional.

Previous match both teams match ended: won LDU de Quito (3:0)

Last matches LDU de Quito:
Direct matches:
23 sep 2015, Copa Sudamericana
30 sep 2015, Copa Sudamericana
18 may 2005, Copa Libertadores
27 may 2005, Copa Libertadores
15 mar 2007, Copa Libertadores
30 mar 2007, Copa Libertadores
05 mar 2020, Copa Libertadores

River Plate

LDU de Quito

Substitute players:
# Team G PTS W D L G+ G- GD

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